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Provide design, implementation and production engineering solutions

Some of the important goals of Behsaz Khodour Engineering Company are to provide all engineering services and design and production of domestic and foreign car parts with the highest standard in accordance with the national standard in the shortest possible time and at the lowest price in order to increase production line efficiency and reduce production prices. Ultimately increase sales of the final product.

  • Providing consulting services in the design and production of parts
  • Provide services in the fastest time and at the best possible price
  • Design and production of domestic and foreign car parts
  • Provide all parts with the highest quality and in accordance with National standard
Design solutions and implementation of car parts

Introduction of company services

For more than 15 years, we are proud to provide services and organizational solutions to domestic organizations, institutions and companies.

Behsaz Machine Company

Some of the most important goals of Behsaz Machine Company

Our distinguishing feature is moving in the direction of a production leap and achieving the goals of a resilient economy by performing accurate services in accordance with the national standard and the most appropriate price in the prescribed time. Is. Most of the public and private car manufacturers are among our customers. Satisfaction of all employees and business parties is our main goal and in this regard, we follow the principles of engineering and modern world standards in the field of production as a policy.

Designing Automobile Parts
Speed in providing services
Commercial production of automotive parts
Production of parts in accordance with the national standard
Parts Of گروه صنعتی بهسازماشین

Our main mission is to provide sustainable services and auto parts in full compliance with the national standard in order to enhance domestic production ...

One of the concerns of domestic automakers is to find experienced and skilled parts manufacturers to take responsibility for the production of automotive parts while maintaining quality and complying with national standards at the lowest and most affordable price and in the shortest possible time to increase productivity of the production line Achieving the goals of a resilient economy. Behsaz Machine Company is proud to share its valuable experiences in this field with you, esteemed employers, and to take a step forward in the upliftment of our beloved country.

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